LB Logistikbetriebe Holding AG
Fabrikstrasse 9
5400 Baden
Telefon +41 56 205 77 55

LB Logistikbetriebe AG is a recognised logistics, service and trading company. It provides its own, accredited materials testing, a Metals and Service Centre and a modern Logistics Centre. The company offers procurement of high-specification steel, fasteners and manufactured parts, safety equipment, operating resources as well as office and production consumables. The services of LB Logistikbetriebe AG dovetail with the procurement chains of companies and organisations and relieve the burden on purchasing, materials management/control, logistical and production departments.


The main clients of LB Logistikbetriebe AG are companies in mechanical engineering and in the apparatus and plant construction fields. Some, however, are service companies or agencies of government. The core market of LB Logistikbetriebe AG is Switzerland, followed by the rest of Europe, Asia and the USA.